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December 15, 2004

For a short update... I had a cowl leak that I patched with undercoating spray and fiberglass. It worked quite nicely, however the majority of the leak was in the windshield frame. It looks like Ford saved a few bucks on paint. To make a long story short, the windshield has been removed, the dash, the cowl, the inner cowl, the fenders, hood, front seats, front floorpan. 
Sheetmetal and wirewelding, oh joy.

To catch up on the mods, the Holley 600 was replaced with an Autolite 4100 600cfm carb. It is a much simpler design, less possibility of problems as well as the age factor. The Edelbrock Performer 289 intake has had a 1 inch spacer added. It added about 500rpms to the power band after the headers. It now pulls to valve float, 5500rpms. 24mpg, roughly 280lbs torque, roughly 200hp.



Progress Report: May 20, 2001

Hooker Super Competition headers on the way. Working on some torque now, currently planning for at least a 275RWHP engine, we'll see how it all works out.

Old News

AOD is IN!! working and alive, the biggest pain was getting the cross member and shifter to work. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone mechanically inclined, its not that difficult, just tiresome. 20mpg so far, works pretty good, just need a lower gear for better milage. My car loves to run @ 2000 rpms.



Progress Report:

Well, I've finally gotten some sounds recorded for those few that wanna hear an old 74 model 302 with glasspacs. You can't hear the idle as well as I would like, but overall, its ok. I have two recordings, 8bit and 16bit. 8bit is smaller(217k) and a faster download, 16bit(993k) sounds much better, you can even hear the echo of the exhaust note inside the shop. Its too bad I didn't get the idle as good as I wanted, the car was already warm, and I guess I need to get a real microphone.

Current setup is as follows

Lovely 8:1 compression ratio. yea, keep laughin, I can run cheaper gas than you

Edelbrock Performer 289 dual plane aluminum intake and 1 inch spacer

Autolite 4100 600cfm 4bbl carb. vacuum secondaries

Stock 302 block, although the timing cover has been replaced before I purchased the car, could be a mystery cam

Hooker Super Competition Headers will be here next week

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